VW Early Bay Window Lite-Steer Electronic Power Steering Conversion

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A true peice of british engineering that transforms the feel and overall driving experience, complete with a 2 year warranty with full liability insurance.


Electronic power steering conversion for your VW Early Bay Window campervan that transforms the feel and overall driving experience.

Manufactured by Lite-Steer in the UK, it is a true peice of british engineering at its very best that offers a 2 year warranty with full liability insurance included.

The Lite kit includes a complete steering column that replaces the original column, this new column is equipped with an electric motor that assists rotational movements and is the same system that equips some modern new vehicles.

An electronic box manages the level of assistance to be provided based on the vehicle's speed and engine speed. The electrical assistance reduces when the speed increases generally over 30mph.

In the event of an electrical failure or low battery, such as when the ignition is switched off, the original steering remains fully functional.

The Lite-Steer electronic power steering system transforms the steering to steer the same as a modern car would. Just like the power steering on modern cars, it is speed sensitive, which means that you can turn the wheel with one finger when parking at low speed, but easily maintain a straight line when cruising on a motorway.

CamperGo also offer a fitting service for all Lite-Steer electronic power steering systems, this particular unit can be fitted for an additional starting price of £240.00 all in, for all enquires please contact us to arrange a date and book yourself in.