Numax 'Connect & Forget' Continual Use Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

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Keeps your leisure batteries in peak condition when you are connected to 240v mains electric hook up.

Suitable for all Automotive, Caravan, Marine & Leisure lead acid & gel batteries.


The Numax charger is an all-in-one 12v diagnsotic battery charger for the maintenance and recovery of 12v campervan, caravan & motorhome engine & leisure batteries up to 135Ah capacity.

The NUMAX range of automatic chargers/battery conditioners are easy to use and hassle free. Just connect the battery to the charger using the connections provided, and turn it on.

The Charger will check the state of the battery and employ the correct charging regime accordingly. This charger is specially designed to bulk charge as well as float charge, making it one of the leading chargers in today's Leisure market. Once the battery has been charged it will be maintained by the charger, making sure it's in peak condition when you need it to be. Using this type of charger will prolong the life of your battery, saving you time and money in the future.

Designed specifically for charging and maintaining your batteries these chargers boast Deep Discharge Recovery, Fast Cycle Charge, and 'Long Term Battery Maintenance. Designed specifically for charging and maintaining your batteries, this all in one 12 volt diagnostic chargers boast 'Deep Discharge.

Recovery', 'Fast Cycle Charge', and 'Long Term Battery Maintenance'. When your battery requires charging, simply 'Connect + Forget'
and you can rely upon NUMAX to make sure your battery is in peak condition next time you need it. Suitable for all Automotive, Caravan, Marine & Leisure lead acid & gel batteries.

Safety Features:

  • Thermal Protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • LED mains socket indicator
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LCD state of charge
  • 10A 12V 3 Stage Continual Battery Charger
  • Two-core connector with ring terminals
  • Two-core connector with crocodile clips
  • Mains UK 3 pin power cable

Features Include;

  • Fully automatic charger.
  • Can be left connected prolonging the life of your leisure battery.
  • 3 stage charge cycle
  • 12 Volt
  • 10 amp
  • Led charge status lights
  • Electronic overload & short circuit protection
  • Robust metal case construction
  • Input voltage 240 volt 50/60hz
  • High quality manufacturing built to last
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Complete with opertating insructions.

Dimensions: 165mm x 103mm x 50mm